Cecilia…with many dreams. One dream is almost becoming a reality–a monument to her parents legacy, The Albatross Court (Alba = Alberto A. + ross = Rosela S.). The core of this blog is the pride of our family, our temporary retirement place and hopefully will become a haven for weary travelers.


Today, the 12th of April, I feel the need to update this page. It’s no longer just my Fairview Apartments and its retirement potential…and possibly the Philippines and my memories of it. It is becoming to be a struggle to keep my memories safe in these electronic pages. A few from my generation may have crossed most of the technological barrier, I am far from it. And…while I was engrossed in the learning process, I was oblivious with the rest of the world wide web’s activities. It was pure chance that my curiosity with Google’s power led me to discover my posts somewhere [ www.flyhotel.net ] other than my blog . One post (Craig’s List-a Flcker of Hope) opened the door to this blatant thievery…confirming my doubts of what this faceless world would bring to the unguarded travelers. Amazing…shocking…amusing…all sorts of emotions came upon to reshape this blog and will probably continue to perpetually change–just with the mundane things–until I can feel some level of confidence in protecting what belongs to me.

At this point in time, I’ll get a FairView of where I’m going that will still take me to the Philippines but nothing too personal. I don’t want to find myself staring back at me from someone else’s website.

Another UPDATE: 5/29/08

I used to check www.flyhotel.net every now and then as I was curious what would happen to it when I blog its blog scraping technique. Someone suggested that I should report it to google, but for some reason, I don’t think it was doing me any harm except that I was irritated to see my family picture on that website, and maybe because almost the complete blog was in his website. The comments were even turned off and no reference to the owner whatsoever…even submitting the blog to propeller.com as his own writing.

I’ve seen it having no more AdSense after a couple of weeks and I kept wondering why it continually runs the site. Today I couldn’t find it except for the previous google index that has warnings below the title– “This site may harm your computer.” I even went to my post here to get the link from within, and it gave me the same search result. Well, I guess it’s really gone after almost 3 months since my discovery. Maybe I will miss this routine of checking his site. I should probably be writing a separate blog for its demise.

*Originally posted @ https://zylla3.wordpress.com


8 responses to “About

  1. Where is the link to kristy (about pro blogging) Is it gone already? Thats why i am here. will look more into your site and this blogging stuff sometime. but not in class!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Here’s Kirsty’s website (blog): http://www.nerdynomad.com

    She has recently posted her other sites too. She’s currently in China.

  3. zylla3,

    nice site. keep blogging.

  4. Thanks crisn! I will, with whatever little time I have now, and more when I retire–hopefully I can afford to make it soon. (This is really more of a prayer.)

  5. keep blogging1 I wonder if we could exchange links?


    salamat. hope to hear from you soon. pls let me know lang po.

    • @FJ: I just found this in the spam section. I was so busy that I really haven’t written anything for more than a year, and we actually just finished moving last week…with my internet connection just running now. Once we’re settled I’m hoping to write again, and maybe I could look into your request.

  6. Good day. May I know your name just so I may be able to cite some portion of your blogs in my paper? 🙂

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