Monthly Archives: February 2008

Just KISS-Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Or , should I say…keep it simply stupid. Many times I feel this way when ideas surge, but I can’t make it to the printed page. I can think of a million and 1 reasons: busy, exhausted, sick, etc., etc. though it just really boils to that 1 reason left–lazy! I guess it’s a matter of finding that purpose and not losing focus…gaining momentum, and keeping it.

When Kirsty made it to the Philippines, it seems without any hitch, I succomb to the Christmas holiday grind followed by the daily balancing between dream and reality. Like no accountant that I am, I always end up negative…short of energy. Until my niece called that she needs some kind of Filipino costume for their Asian Heritage celebration at their university, surely I must find one! I only have one month to prepare, including shipping it to her.

As I searched the internet for which costume she might want–the Philippines having a highly complex multi-cultural history and a great deal of regional, local and provincial variations–I came across several interesting facts (or myths?) about my beloved country. Many years ago when I was sitting inside the classroom, these must be some historical facts that had escaped my ears…or is it just old age blurring the memory? These I will revisit any moment soon!

(Note: I will provide links later.)