Monthly Archives: November 2007

Internet Bum

After bumming around so much from blog to blog…site to site, I felt I still wasn’t ready to start. Thanks to Kirsty’s planned trip to the Philippines–that gave me the push to start somewhere last weekend. It was like walking on quicksand, minute to minute, wondering what would happen next. It’s exciting though to see tid bits of ideas slowly manifesting in print, very rewarding despite the many hours of looking at the never-changing screen glaring back at me. It’s encouraging to know what others go through, thank you all. – I just left this comment in Kirsty’s “October Earnings Update” not really intending to write anything today. 

Then off I went into my bumming sojourn…and for some reason I ended up in Julie’s multiple blessings. I was so touched by her Tribute post that I stayed for a while, left a comment, and another one–after seeing her home-schooling schedule. I thought, amazing mom…and even more amazing when I got alerted for a comment coming in—it’s from Julie! I have not even left my computer; I was busy checking out her list of friends. Interesting bunch! (Sorry, I don’t know yet how to make the Top Commenter section as of now.)