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Motorcycles in the Philippines, a Blessing?

Let me count the ways motorcycles could be a blessing [primarily] in the Philippines, but I guess the first 3 would have a universal appeal. I’ll try to give ‘the thing’ some poetic justice first by looking past the tiny monsters that they are on the road.

  • With the soaring prices of gas, having one is a great money saver.
  • Need I mention the Metro Manila traffic?–an indisputable time saver.
  • Sure…it’s a convenient way of moving around in the highways and byways of life.
  • Then there are 101 reasons each motorcycle buff could concoct for some lame justification.
  • Bottom line, it’s personal gratification.

Exactly…that’s just how I personally feel about this miniature monster. Driving next to it in the wonderful roads of Orange County is no better than driving next to a humongous truck. Imagine that in the congested roads of the Philippines! I’m no mathematician but I can give you the square of hatred [=scorn] for the motorcycle, even the square root [=death]…somebody is going to kill me for this emotional statement. But…hey, I’m entitled to my opinion–as much as anyone is–on having it on the road.

It is personal…when my brother-in-law acquired one [whatever inventive reasons he could give], the repugnance became my battle. I have seen enough accidents on the road while on vacation, just in the vicinity of Fairview, Quezon City. Not to mention his dead motorcycle buddy (bless his soul) hit by the bus while we were still there. If he’s not the father of my nephews and the wife of my sister, I wouldn’t care.

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