Monthly Archives: September 2007

Hello world!

I am a Filipina …and my heart will surely remember the years I was growing up in the Philippines. The core of my writing will be from memory; however, I will try to deliver facts along the way, which I hope will be helpful to anyone visiting my site.


Many, many years of living had gone by…and hopefully I would be back to live in my country of birth. I consider myself very fortunate to have married someone who shared the love of my family and everything else I treasured. And, I love him dearly for that—considering that we’re 2 worlds apart. Indeed, I’m more fortunate that he prefers to spend the rest of our growing-old years in a chaotic place like Quezon City…or Manila, which would be more recognizable to most foreign travelers.


 The Albatross Court 

The coming of the Albatross Court is a labor of love and pain. I couldn’t have done this from a distance if not for my family, especially my sister who had put in her early retirement years watching this building go up floor by floor, tiles by tiles, and still inspecting every nooks and crannies…day in and day out until we get there.


The Albatross Court is a pseudo-dream-soon-come true. It’s our first step to retirement, and a place where my family congregates. This place is unique in many ways. People assume it is a school, maybe an apartment (not really)…a hostel perhaps, or some commercial building. Building this place was as confusing to the outsiders as it was to the insiders, esp. my husband who relegated himself to the background as long as he has a gym and a music room. (I admit…the Philippine Law is not for the faint-hearted to unravel.) Even more confusing to me…but this is my brainchild.


My husband desires a quite place where he can freely walk and enjoy nature…oh, I almost forgot, possibly close to the sea. This is his idea of retirement, of course. I share his feelings through and through; nonetheless, the practical me knows the impossibility of it all for the short time that we have. The poor guy needs an early retirement, even without the package.


Four summers later, I thought we were ready to welcome our first tenant. Making this happen depends mostly on me. It is going to be my home…at least, before I find that secluded place I can afford to turn into our dream world. For now, Albatross Court is going to be my families’ little corner of the world…more than that, it’s everyone’s home away from home.