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Maria Clara in Action

April 8, 2008, marked the EIU Asian Heritage celebration where students wore their native dresses. While the ‘baro’t saya’ I sewed for my niece fitted her, it was also small enough to be worn by a young girl. At some point, the organizers thought the color would be more suitable for a child, and the Maria Clara dress would be more appropriate for someone a little older. So, here’s Maria Clara in action; it would not be complete without the ‘Barong Tagalog’ for the male counterpart.


      Maria Clara dress for women                         Barong Tagalog for men


Students were encouraged to wear their native costumes, but it was also possible for just anyone to participate in however way necessary. Looking at the little girl, I couldn’t agree more that the exchange with my niece wearing the Maria Clara was a good call.

The Eastern Illinois University participants in their Asian Heritage celebration.


Here’s a closer look at the intricate designs and the very fine weaving of either  ‘jusi’ (jute) or ‘pinya’ (pineapple) cloth, both from plant material.

My niece (R) — presenting Maria Clara in action at EIU — and her friends.

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Just KISS-Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Or , should I say…keep it simply stupid. Many times I feel this way when ideas surge, but I can’t make it to the printed page. I can think of a million and 1 reasons: busy, exhausted, sick, etc., etc. though it just really boils to that 1 reason left–lazy! I guess it’s a matter of finding that purpose and not losing focus…gaining momentum, and keeping it.

When Kirsty made it to the Philippines, it seems without any hitch, I succomb to the Christmas holiday grind followed by the daily balancing between dream and reality. Like no accountant that I am, I always end up negative…short of energy. Until my niece called that she needs some kind of Filipino costume for their Asian Heritage celebration at their university, surely I must find one! I only have one month to prepare, including shipping it to her.

As I searched the internet for which costume she might want–the Philippines having a highly complex multi-cultural history and a great deal of regional, local and provincial variations–I came across several interesting facts (or myths?) about my beloved country. Many years ago when I was sitting inside the classroom, these must be some historical facts that had escaped my ears…or is it just old age blurring the memory? These I will revisit any moment soon!

(Note: I will provide links later.)