Maria Clara in Action

April 8, 2008, marked the EIU Asian Heritage celebration where students wore their native dresses. While the ‘baro’t saya’ I sewed for my niece fitted her, it was also small enough to be worn by a young girl. At some point, the organizers thought the color would be more suitable for a child, and the Maria Clara dress would be more appropriate for someone a little older. So, here’s Maria Clara in action; it would not be complete without the ‘Barong Tagalog’ for the male counterpart.


      Maria Clara dress for women                         Barong Tagalog for men


Students were encouraged to wear their native costumes, but it was also possible for just anyone to participate in however way necessary. Looking at the little girl, I couldn’t agree more that the exchange with my niece wearing the Maria Clara was a good call.

The Eastern Illinois University participants in their Asian Heritage celebration.


Here’s a closer look at the intricate designs and the very fine weaving of either  ‘jusi’ (jute) or ‘pinya’ (pineapple) cloth, both from plant material.

My niece (R) — presenting Maria Clara in action at EIU — and her friends.

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9 responses to “Maria Clara in Action


    My dashboard had shown a link that took me to the site above. (My post had appeared in the related post.) It has a beautiful Maria Clara terno.

  2. I still believe filipina women are still proud of being maria clara and still dress like one. A good example that mostly being worn on formal events is this dress is the modern maria clara like

  3. MC: I love your modern maria clara version…just can’t afford it. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. april bermudo

    can i know all about maria clara ffrom costumes, steps, history…thanks..just send it into my email

  5. AB: Sorry I have approve your comment just now–4am California time as my body is still running in Philippine time. It might take me awhile to get back into writing…maybe after catching up with my mails (and bills) as well as doctor’s visits.

    Have patience…if you still need it. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. i want interested this dress

  7. I’m searching for a woman wearing a Maria Clara traditonal clothes. I need it for the school that I’m teaching here in Korea

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