Amazing Internet: Scam or Scum

It’s 3am my time here and I didn’t intend to stay up this late after my googling mood on my Survivor Philippines. Upon seeing surwar11’s posts mentioned at , I couldn’t contend my curiosity again. I went back to completed 82 pages [coercing myself to keep moving after pages marked supposedly as end of search]. I’ll report on my mind-googling experience once I’ve gotten my beauty rest since I’m feeling like a beast now.

This time when I got to propeller site, I typed surwar11 in the search box [top right hand corner]…I got what I wanted to find! And more… 

This is just for a starter!


I finally got to sleep at 4am and woke up at 8am without even hearing a single thing. I have now fully awakened to an error in typing [] which I already corrected above. The [I] and the [l] just looked the same to me last night. This is just what I mean by the consequence of fatigue: the brain becomes incapable of checking the eyes and the fingers. No check and balance here anymore; doesn’t the government run this way? Hey…that’s a thought!

Let me go back and edit again. Yes, it’s still not connecting to the site…I hit save, refresh, open another window, transfer to another computer [which still shows my error -propeiler-the first time], so I’ll try putting the www which didn’t matter when I type the url separately not this link here. This reminds me when I was checking surwar11 [which my fingers sometimes insist on sanwar or sumwar] –the link that has no http before my url could not get back any result. Really…Ggrrrrr! Is it my computer or my…nevermind! If it doesn’t go through–type it, please!

This is one reason I should edit my about section as visitors are starting to check the lunatic in me. I assure you it’s temporary…I hope it’s temporary. Tsk…tsk…[accompanied by the slowww shake of the head]…this in Pilipino which means “poor you?”.


UPDATE: 5/29/08

I used to check every now and then as I was curious what would happen to it when I blog its blog scraping technique. Someone suggested that I should report it to google, but for some reason, I don’t think it was doing me any harm except that I was irritated to see my family picture on that website, and maybe because almost the complete blog was in his website. The comments were even turned off and no reference to the owner whatsoever…even submitting the blog to as his own writing.

I’ve seen it having no more AdSense after a couple of weeks and I kept wondering why it continually runs the site. Today I couldn’t find it except for the previous google index that has warnings below the title– “This site may harm your computer.” I even went to my post here to get the link from within, and it gave me the same search result. Well, I guess it’s really gone after almost 3 months since my discovery. Maybe I will miss this routine of checking his site. I should probably be writing a separate blog for its demise.

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2 responses to “Amazing Internet: Scam or Scum

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  2. Just to many dang scams on the Internet these days to even keep up.
    Here’s over 100 email scams that are going around right now.

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