Dancing with the Stars: Cheryl Bautista Burke

I didn’t mean to write about ‘Dancing with the Stars’ again, but Cheryl on the TV morning news teaching teenagers to do ‘the moves’ caught my attention. Then, I thought…that’s nice! [I’m a frustrated dancer, so DS is one of the very few shows I’d like to watch on TV.] Then I remembered my Filipino friend once mentioned [the 1st time she won] that she’s partly Filipina. I didn’t think much of it then, but now I thought…something related to the Philippines.

My friend is right! Wiki: …of Filipino & Irish descent. Bautista is Filipino last name [Spanish origin]. She grew up in Atherton, CA. –Hey! There’s an Atherton School next to my house in the Philippines.– It’s in Wiki too that she had helped a couple of schools with their fund raising. Whoever is Matthews Lawrence, my husband is Lawrence Matthew. Coincidentally, today she’s having the Grand Opening of her ballroom dance studio: Cheryl Burke Dance, San Francisco. Google brought me to her website: www.strictlycheryl.com 

I’m on the “google stage” at this point of being a DSL learner [Digital is my Second Language]. Everything amazes me from my WP dashboard (which seems to look different today) to whatever I find in Google World–[sigh] if only I could upload my ideas here by saying, “Beam me up, Scotty!” If I’m not quoting this right, I can always use the ESL excuse [English is my Second Language]. Hay, naku…tama na (in short, enough is enough)! At the end of my Google session, I’m so bogged down by the information from the technical to the human aspects of what’s out there. Indeed, what a tangled web enough to choke even an old woman’s innocence! [wink, lol]

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5 responses to “Dancing with the Stars: Cheryl Bautista Burke

  1. filipinos: ARIN WHOIS: (I have no time to understand this procedure). Sure, I’d like to get an immediate comment before I walk away from the computer.

    However, if it is something damaging, esp. if there is no way to get hold of the commenter, I’d rather just see my comment. Thanks for stopping by. –And yes, not until now…can’t hide from Google. We can be disappointed (mild translation), but we cannot control the ‘human aspect’ of life.

    • @MA: Thanks for stopping by. It’s been more than a year that I haven’t written anything as I’d been so busy. I’m glad there are still some readers who find me each day. I still watch Dancing with the Stars regularly when they’re in season. Cheryl just had her last dance last week.

  2. I’m curious to find out what blog platform you’re using?
    I’m having some small security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more secure.

    Do you have any recommendations?

    • @Dylan: I’m a tech challenged once-in-a-while blogger…and I’m not sure what else I should worry about security other than the blatant blog scraping a long time ago when I just started. Platform? This is just the wordpress one and I guess if it’s out there, you’ll never know. I wish I could tell you more!

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