How Important Is Your Cell Phone?

How important is my cell phone? Pretty much…when I go ballistic thinking it was lost, yet I only use it to answer the calls [important ones from my family]. It doesn’t even have the camera since I have a separate one for the purpose of taking pictures. Neither do I check messages. I get funny ones from my husband when I fail to answer his calls [99.9%]. “Why do you even have a phone? Why don’t we just cancel it and save money since it’s pointless to even get hold of you.” I don’t feel it; It’s on vibrate–a distraction when inside the classroom. Do you really think I would change the setting when I’m gallivanting to my heart’s content? Whoever needs me can keep calling if it’s really important…and hope for the best.

Why then should it be important to even hunt for it the entire Saturday? For one thing, if it’s really lost…I don’t want to end up paying a hefty bill from someone’s international usage. Another important reason is my immediate connectivity to my brother and sisiter-in-law who work irregular hours and have a kid to pick up at school. My cell phone usage dated back to the time I had to pick up my step-children when the cell phone was practically a foot long. (I’ll probably post the picture when I get to it.) Luckily then,Verizon had a $10 promo for 20-min/mo limited time offer for teachers instead of $19.99 one. I had it for the looooongest time until that phone would almost die even if it was plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter. It was then time to upgrade the plan. 

I ended getting the family plan for four since my brother and sister-in-law arrived at this time. I pay more, but I still think that we’re saving with the Cingular plan [$$9.99 for every additional line] — now AT&T. After more than 5  years, I still have the same plan with 10 cell phones sent to the Philippines after the 2-year contract becomes available for a new free or discounted replacement. This is a luxury I allow myself, considering the smiles from my Filipino family who inherit them. I definitely can’t afford to lose my almost 2-year old phone. Somebody is waiting for it in Fairview. Besides I don’t want to get tied up to another 2-year plan…unless I can make my husband come back to the US this August.

The day is almost over but I still could not find my cell phone. From snapping at the Filipino telemaketers, “not really a good time to reach me as I’m looking for my cell phone” and being curt to my friend “not now, you can try it yourself first” about her Craig’s List ad, it is time to give up and have AT&T suspend it. I need some peace of mind while doing other things. [I’m not posting this yet.]

Sunday morning came…with late breakfast over, I was ready to sit in front of the computer. Still a little chilly, so I grabbed the jacket draped behind the computer chair. Guess what? I felt something inside the pocket…yeah, my phone! I swear…this is not the only irritating event this weekend. While I was looking for my phone yesterday, I found the credit card I reported lost the day before, as well as the bills I intended to pay before spring break and tax prep. Tell me I shouldn’t retire yet! I’d better post this now and unsuspend that phone. I might lose it again!

9 responses to “How Important Is Your Cell Phone?

  1. well its important to communicate with my family and friends.

  2. The cell phone and text messaging have literally become a necessity in todays world….

  3. First Web: For me…that 1 very important call in a week I can’t afford to miss, it’s worth having it.–sigh– the price I have to pay!

    john: Texting is another matter! I would need a secretary for that in the Philippines. I just can’t stand fiddling with the phone buttons, and reading the message is a nightmare to me. I’ve worked hard for my spelling–Alzheimer I can’t fight, but this one generational gap might just be that: a gap.

  4. This is really getting to be an obsession now…after answering the comments, I remembered to check it–and truuuuueeeee enough, it’s his newest ‘scraped’ [still at the top of the page] at this very moment.

    I would have checked it out earlier had I not noticed the comments here first. One thing though, the google adds in his site are not there anymore? Are his advertisers actually penalizing his site?

  5. Hi zylla! Why not include something at the bottom of your post to say.. This article has been originally posted at Please see my other articles there!
    .. or something to that effect. So you also get some free advertisement of your site.

    no longer indexed by google.. looks like someone else have reported them or they were caught by google bots. 🙂
    On the subject of cellphone, I am one of those who are afraid of buying a high-end cellphone just because I have the tendency to lose these 😦
    I also don’t use them a lot too unlike the rest of the world. hehe

  7. mmagpale: Thanks for that brilliant idea! I had to rush and include it in my recent posts. He’s shaping my blog for now.

    Mixxy: Is that what it is? Indexed by google! I knew I didn’t see the ads anymore as what I mentioned in my next post. Ha!ha! I can use my cell phone again tomorrow; the AT&T cs was amused when I called to ‘unsuspend’ it. All these new vocabs…

    Also you said something about Feed Footer…not sure how it’s done yet. With this new WP layout I can see [link] here. I’ll try if I can make it work in the ‘mention’ part. I just figured out this new Edit and I’m editing this now @ 11pm (4/4/08). ***I’m back here Mixxy. I still can’t make that link work –sigh– I’ll try another time.

  8. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favour”.I am looking for ways to add things to my blog!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

    • RK: Sorry…I had to rescue your comment from SPAM folder. Sometimes, I can’t remember which blog I visited, but your link seem to be broken. I’m curious though which idea would even appeal to anyone. Thanks!

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