When Humans Are Smarter Than Computers

Computers are getting smarter beyond humans’ pace, more dangerous in the hands of technologically savvy scammers. Yet, is it a paradox that no matter how smart these boxes are–they still have metal brains, not mental ones, thus still devoid of imagination that only the BIG Man upstairs can create. Picasso and his art, Shakespeare and his poetry, Einstein and his science down to Steve Jobs and his Apple/Mac or Bill Gates and his PC computers are great men with great visions but still no match to this humble Man that has only the Hammer to his name.

As smart as computers are, they can no more differentiate the Man with the Hammer from the man with the Hummer as well as the internet scams from internet scums…could they? In my simple mind (my exaggerated interpretation only to prove a point), the Man with the Hammer has an endearing humility as opposed to the man with a Hummer has a pretentious vanity. On the other hand, the scammers are the scums of the world-wide web, or simply the world.

Let’s see if samwar11 would still claim this post as his own. If you have the chance to see this at http://travel.propeller.com where the entries are not static; entries can be hurled anywhere in the 27-page site as the propeller rotates (just my own deduction). I can almost bet that within an hour of posting this, the ‘blog scraper’ will take this to www.flyhotel.net … I will even bet my 3cents (inflation) on it! Beware internet scums as I’m writing this to let others know of internet scams. If you have no plug-ins to block this blog scraper, google your site or your name. It wouldn’t hurt you to visit these places I mentioned. I’m sure there are more. Spread the word and if you want to read Mixxy’s comment about this scam, scroll down to check …PhP5,000 comment. Here is my recent comment to Mixxy:

Mixxy, it’s sweet revenge. I checked his site- www.flyhotel.net just now, 5:30pm. He must have ‘scraped’ it within  an hour of my own posting here since it was showing  4:21 pm at his site.

It pains me for the world to see my misspelling  errors, but hey…the entire post is supposed to be a learning tool. Ha ha ha! I guess I have to post something again. Hmmm, I might even leave it as it is until he himself discovers his blunder.

It’s ironic how technology is getting smarter and smarter beyond any human’s pace, yet it’s still the human brain that makes the ultimate decision. I should post more so as not to disappoint him. (For now, sunwar11, as he claims to be when shamelessly posting my article at that ‘propeller’ site, will be ‘him’ to me rather than her or it.)


UPDATE: 5/29/08

I used to check www.flyhotel.net every now and then as I was curious what would happen to it when I blog its blog scraping technique. Someone suggested that I should report it to google, but for some reason, I don’t think it was doing me any harm except that I was irritated to see my family picture on that website, and maybe because almost the complete blog was in his website. The comments were even turned off and no reference to the owner whatsoever…even submitting the blog to propeller.com as his own writing.

I’ve seen it having no more AdSense after a couple of weeks and I kept wondering why it continually runs the site. Today I couldn’t find it except for the previous google index that has warnings below the title– “This site may harm your computer.” I even went to my post here to get the link from within, and it gave me the same search result. Well, I guess it’s really gone after almost 3 months since my discovery. Maybe I will miss this routine of checking his site. I should probably be writing a separate blog for its demise.


3 responses to “When Humans Are Smarter Than Computers

  1. Just what I thought…I won my 3cents bet. After posting this, I checked the ‘propeller’ site and I found surwar11’s hacked entry of my blog not on page 6 anymore, it’s/they’re (I found 3 at this point) on page 14.

    This time I tried reporting it (click button report) as Inaccurate: explained the author is not surwar11, and directed to my blog. After clicking SUBMIT, the report button displayed Reported: Inaccurate. Then I went to Larry’s computer to print it, so I had to find the site first. It has moved now to the top of the next page, and when I clicked it, the Report button is back and my Report:Inaccurate display was gone in a matter of clicking away. Just like nothing happened.

    When I went back to check flyhotel.com again, (now around 9:30 pm) there on the very top of the new page was this post with time stamped 8:57 pm. The title of this post did not apply to him, or maybe he’s not human without a conscience.

    I didn’t even have the time to correct his name here, so I will leave it as samwar11P3 and sunwar11 LastP (part of my earlier comment to Mixxy). It’s really surwar11 but I’m sure he has more.

    Just a few minutes ago when Larry went to his computer, the internet was not working, was it coincidence or something happened when I was using it…I’m getting paranoid with those sites now. Thank God after several tries, unplugging it did the trick. It’s now back–sigh!

  2. Hi again!! Thanks for the mention.. Also, I forgot to mention, just use the Feed Footer plugin. I just started using it and you can put a message at the bottom of your future posts and you can say like this article appears at zylla.. something like that .. or copyright by zylla..

  3. Be patient with me if this doesn’t happen soon enough. Thanks!

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