Daily Archives: March 21, 2008

What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) –Shakespeare


When you google the title, you’ll find enumerable entries. However, I was just trying to make sure I have the right quote so I didn’t go any further than the first entry–www.enotes.com


 The past dew days I was drawn to reading more of Bob Martin’s LIP instead of blogging here. It was interesting to see the different names the Philippines is known to some–with their own deduction of who or what generation  is using it. It never mattered to me if it is PI until it became synonymous to a Filipino #$%^&! Maybe they were right PI belonged to my generation when it was simply Philippine Islands. The have several variations as Phils, RP, and more. Personally, I prefer just the Philippines…and I am not touchy about it. I have different Phil sore spots.


I never intended this to be a topic in my blog, but yesterday while preparing for work (I usually tune-in to the news) the reporter was randomly interviewing a few people on the streets about the proposed name change for Orange County–The OC. [I live here so I thought I’ll throw this in.] It seems the county supervisors felt the need to give the 1889 name a facelift. A few weeks ago, it was the John Wayne Airport to become JWA of OC where one of John Wayne’s sons apparently objected. Was it a year ago or more? The Angels of Anaheim became the LA Angels of Anaheim, and I believe it got to be a pretty expensive squabble…but what do I care anyway? My simple name has been spelled in so many ways, and I even adopted a few of my own spelling variations.


The name change was even on the front page of the OC Register which I really didn’t read yet. This name must have been used a long time ago before the influx of all OC reality show(s). I guess the proposed changes would be: The OC Parks, The OC Public Library, The OC Dana Point Harbor. Is this getting in-step with the pop culture? It seems the reason given was some sort of saving money to the tune of $500,000.00 a year. Really? Cheaper to have new signs with just 2 letters…I suppose.


Don’t take me seriously…I’m just relying on what I heard on the news while I was still half-awake. I have no urge to read the newspaper any further. It’s just the “what’s in a name” surge of curiosity. Will the real Orange stand?



It’s Finally Good Friday in California!

I’m waking up to a Good Friday…why it’s Good when Jesus is dead, I have no idea. Black Saturday, I can understand with Him being in that cave until Easter Sunday. I’m not trying to be funny…but I remember the days as Holy from Monday through Thursday. I’m glad though that I don’t work on Fridays. I guess part of my sacrifice is blogging–and learning the neat stuff that others are doing. Knowing me, I doubt if I would get to the technical side before the day is over. That would be a Good Friday miracle.

I’m sure the Philippines is now resting after the religious ritual there on this day. Without even reading any news, I have mental pictures of the flagellants on the streets and most likely somebody nailed on the cross…I mean really nailed! Maybe I should check if there was another brave soul that still did this perplexing act. Hhmmm…maybe this is why it’s called Good Friday–with  most trying to be good! These are intriguing pictures to most foreigners, and it probably will be to me had I not been a Pinay myself.

I think I have to end my fasting for a while…my stomach really needs that thing they call breakfast. I have lost that ability to really fast!