Life Can Be Simple

Life is what you intend it to be–simple or simply complicated–the choice is yours to make, the power only you have. Do I really believe this? Maybe. I just have to look at some of my favorite pictures, mostly during the contruction phase of Fairview. I’m so grateful to these hardworking simple folks that had touched our lives as we begin our journey back to the Philippines.

break time

One time I went up to the 3rd floor, I found these bunch of rubber slippers and I knew the workers were getting ready for their coffee break. I just had to ran back downtairs to get my camera. The image was so compelling…an artistic representation of hard-working folks finding a temporary peacefulness in one room they can call their own, just for now.

tea time

 As I look inside, my heart skipped a bit–a perfect still-life picture–waiting for everyone to be ready for coffee break.

 grp tea time

This is one of the 3rd floor units that the workers were using as their temporary home away from home if they decide to stay overnight. A few would stay for a week to save transportation money.

2 responses to “Life Can Be Simple

  1. Yes Dear I totally agree with you !!

    Life can be simple or simply complicated Choise is yours !!!


  2. DP: Thanks for stopping by. Sometimes though it’s hard to make that choice.

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