The Unfurnished Side of Fairview Apartment

Imagine starting life at Fairview without the furnishings…still entering the same gate at the alley side, going up the same staircase, only this time you’ll be making another flight of stairs. Yup! It’s the 3rd floor hallway where the other 3 Units are located: (Same layout as the furnished ones, just different colors.)

 3rd flr hallwaybedroombuilt-in closetGrn U fan

      bg2 U kitchenbge UKblue UK

I might as well include one Unit intended for dorm rooms, or maybe…just maybe, one of these days I should consider opening this area to backpackers. There are 3 similar-size small rooms that can be shared by 4 or just 1 in a room but the kitchen and bathroom will be shared by all dormers.

dorm rooms/hallwaydrm desk4-bed dormdorm-2beds.jpg

dorm kitchendorm bathroom

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