That doesn’t look right? The Caps Lock again–the culprit. Earlier I was screaming in desperation why my email password is not letting me in. It couldn’t be. It’s my primary account; I use it everyday–almost! I can’t believe my unlucky star today. This morning at work I was locked out of my account after typing 3 password combinations unsuccessfully. Why do they have to make us change our password every now and then? As if it was not bad enough to have one in every place. I know I should have written it somewhere right away. Sure…grey matter fades and it’s getting lighter and lighter from day-to-day. That I should remember!

Then I heard my husband yelled back from the other room, “Is your Caps Lock on?” Nevermind! Some ghost must have accidentally hit it…not me! I guess it’s not just the password stuff that makes life sucks. Worse are the people who believe that to con others is an art. Just because it worked at some point with others, doesn’t mean that it will continue to work. Besides, it’s bad for your conscience. That’s true…if you have one.

Actually, discovering that I worked my tail off this weekend for a scammer didn’t get to me at all. Thanks…at least I started some groundwork though I must admit that teeny weeny bit of sigh–it wasn’t real after all. It was a short-lived surge of hope that there really was an interested prospective tenant. A tenant that is ready to pay the full 6-month rent! Omigosh…but wait…did he say ‘send back part of the money through Western Union’? Coincidence? Benefit of the doubt? What else? Enough…I got it! Somebody pulled this similar trick on my husband with the ‘I have a client who wants a drum you’re selling but send me back the rest of the money through Western Union’ thing. At that time the TV stations did not catch on it yet, but it didn’t sound right. Always good to ere on the side of caution…when unsure, simply visit your friendly police precinct. While I’m at this, let’s give my husband a drum roll–visit his drum collections at and you might just enjoy it, too.

Well, anyway I have the 4 parts of that email ready, so I’ll continue with the 2nd installment of our apartment pictures. It’s the inside part of the funished (air-con) model. All 6 one-bedroom units have the same layout, just different colors.

   alley side gatestairs2nd flr hallwayUnit door

           insidehallway.jpgbilt-in closetfurnished bed roomorange living room 

orange kitchen-DRorange U bathroomcooking arealaundry area

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