Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

A Test of Patience

Friday was not just another day…it was a day with Craig! Actually more of an evening with Craig, and into the wee hours of the morning. It was not just posting but more of visiting the other ads. Somehow it got interesting to travel from place to place and vicariously visiting different houses, condos, and apartments. When I finally got down to what I really needed to do, it was almost midnight.

The irritating part was discovering what to do (or not to do) for the first time–no matter how simple it could be–doing it over and over and then gone forever when you hit the back arrow and, duh! There’s the edit button! Just as you thought you were done…aha, the FAQ…you read something that says “you can manage your postings better  if you create an account.” Who doesn’t want to make things easier? 

So, time to fill out the info, but ‘lo and behold’ what’s the password for my gmail account? It’s been a few months since I started this blog…oooppps, none of my combinations worked. Time to hit that “Forgot your password” since I couldn’t find my printed info anyway. Secret question? Why is my answer wrong? How could I forget my first teacher’s name? I give up. But there’s that little voice that says check your primary email first. Unbelievably lucky…they sent the password reset. Ha, Ha…Back to the grind and I tried redoing my add from my newly created account. Posting time…how come? Sorry! I can’t post a similar ad? But where’s that first one? I guess I just have to charge it to life’s learning experience.  Back to FAQ…’it takes about 15 min’ before I could see my posting. Let there be hope! My waiting paid off. I’ve seen my first posting…and I did not call out for my husband’s help. He was already sound asleep; he was tired too.

Here’s the best part. Saturday morning–5 hours later from that wee hours before I hit La La Land–an email, invitation for another free posting. Free is good! Then Sunday morning…another email enquiring about the ad, from a father for her daughter. Sounds good to me. I emailed him the info and the pictures in 4 parts.

The first installment included the picture of the building as seen in my previous posts and the view of the area/neighbors from the rooftop.