Daily Archives: October 30, 2007

Thank G** for Little Mercies

 From the moment I open my eyes each day, I give thanks for the little mercies I will find along the way. Today, I received an email of my touched-up place. It was painted when the contractor finished with it, but there were other new ideas that would  come up every now and then. I thought it was 90% finished 2 years ago; however, every summer that we visit the Philippines there were always some costly light-bulb moments. It seems 90% is a magic number for years to come.  


With all anticipation and excitement, I thought July 2007 will be a magic summer. Our new place will be ready to welcome renters…not to mention our first summer to really live in what we will call our retirement home, my husband claims ‘temporarily’- but anyway our home for now. When we got there, I thought it was time to advertise. Then, I will be meeting our renters personally while I finish my kitchen and very own bathroom downstairs. Not too fast!

Things don’t work that easily here…remember? This is the Philippines…not California. You don’t just hop in your car, go to work, and do errands in 4 different places before you go home. Besides, this is vacation time! Time you spend with family.




We left the Philippines with our building still 90% finished…again. The first floor is designed to be our own hide-away space, still no master’s bathroom and kitchen—again relegated to next summer. My sister will continue to work on the rooftop, until I really run out of money. And it’s coming very fast. More reason I should learn the ways of the internet.