Daily Archives: October 29, 2007

Old Balara vs. Balara Resort

 As they say…necessity is the mother of…I did not really invent anything. However, staring face-to-face at the same theme popped my air bubble. That was all the kick I needed. I was kind of satisfied with the scene that came with the template just to avoid dealing with the theme stuff yet. Amazingly, it was ssooo simple…if that one click was really all it takes to make the change. That works for me now!


The picture was just something I quickly snapped along the way—a place marker of Matandang Balara (Old Balara) with some election ad campaign hanging below it. Old Balara is one of the places in Quezon City where extreme poverty abounds. There’s also Balara Resort (never been there) that’s somewhat popular. When I meet some Filipinos here in California, they give me a startled look as if seeing Balara in person. I always tell them…accent on the 2nd syllable, and my husband didn’t get that name from the Philippines. I’ll probably have the history lesson some other time.