What makes the bloggers tick?

I must admit it’s a very tedious learning process to understand this blogosphere. There were times when I feel like grabbing a dictionary even if I know I wouldn’t find the answer there. Maybe one day, Merriam-Webster will develop a special dictionary, or I’ll just make-believe for now that I am smart enough to do contextual reading. Still, I got some information quite a bit, not to mention some entertaining moments.

Stalking these blog places for almost 3 months further paid off in a way. After 2 decades of living hard, I was amazed to find a few of my students just a click away. It’s heart-warming to discover how they’re carving their own niche in life. There’s more…just like reconnecting to my past. I also found Araimiri…Papua New Guinea is another lifetime away.

 I know it’s difficult to focus, but I must.

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